Flying the flag near and far with the Parkstone Cruising Fleet

The Cruising Fleet is the Parkstone Yacht Club’s largest class with approximately 300 members who participate with the Fleet and its activities. There is however absolutely no exclusivity as every member with a cruising boat – around half of all club members - is always welcome to join in.

When our dinghy racing fellow members hold an event it is obvious for all to see as they criss-cross the harbour often in plain view of our clubhouse. When cruising fleet members are active on the water the only evidence is empty berths and vacant moorings.

Parkstone cruising people can be incredibly intrepid. At the start of every sailing season you will find members heading beyond the horizon on all points of the compass. Favourite passages are often South to the Channel Islands, Brittany and Biscay. Many of us enjoy re-tracing previous passages while others yearn for the adventure of new cruising grounds.

Our years are filled with rallies where members cruise in company but for others the freedom to take their boats on lone adventures is irresistible. Some crews will be absent for weeks, others for months and some members are on global cruises whose duration will be measured in years.

Sail to Cherbourg or Camaret, Roscoff or La Rochelle and you will almost certainly find a Parkstone burgee fluttering in the breeze as we proudly carry our club flag near and far. The result is instant camaraderie, new friendships and evenings yarning in the cockpit. Does this make the cruising community of the Parkstone unique? Hard to say but it is certainly wonderful to be part of it.

Malcolm Parker
Captain, Parkstone Yacht Club Cruising Fleet

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