Cruising in Company Guidelines

The Cruising Section has looked at the issues involved in cruising activities, both on and off the water, as part of the Club's risk analysis and drawn up the following guidelines to be followed by those members organising and/or taking part in cruising events:

  • Each cruise will be advertised on the Section notice board at the Club entrance, on the club website and by email to members who request this. Members wishing to take part in a cruise should put their names on the list on the notice board or inform the designated organiser. Members actually joining must log in with the organiser either before or when joining a cruise. Members who join cruises without prior notice may not be able to take part in pre-organised berthing arrangements or social events.
  • The responsibilities of the cruise organiser are strictly limited to arranging, as appropriate, pre-meeting(s) to discuss the cruise programme, berthing arrangements and some social events. All such arrangements are weather-dependant and this is made clear by the organiser to the supplier. On the rare occasions when firm booking is required, e.g. Yarmouth pontoon berths or for some meals, each member asking to be included must accept full responsibility for the cost of their booking irrespective of attendance.
  • The skipper of each boat joining a cruise is fully and solely responsible for the safety, suitability and state-of-readiness of that boat and its crew at all times including when on a Club craft or vehicle, his own passage plan and all related decisions including whether and where to sail on a particular day. Any and all information given by the cruise organiser to participants is given in good faith for information only. It is the responsibility of the skipper of each boat taking part to check the accuracy of that information and to decide whether or not to use it. If a participant decides not to join a rendezvous, berthing or social arrangement set up by the organiser he or she will, if possible, inform the organiser of that fact.
  • For convenience, the organiser and participants in a cruise will inform each other of mobile phone numbers and a designated VHF ship-to-ship channel will be agreed for normal communications within the cruise. All boats will also monitor Channel 16 for safety reasons.
  • Any member participating in a cruise is responsible for managing their consumption of alcohol and ensuring that those levels comply with any current maritime legislation when in charge of a craft. A skipper is also responsible for ensuring that any guest is similarly compliant.
  • When visiting another Club or venue as a part of an organised cruise, a member must satisfy himself and his guests as to all matters of safety. It is incumbent upon any member visiting another Club or other venue as part of a Club cruise to comply with the rules pertaining to that venue/Club.